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Just How Alarming Is Charming Charlie Jewelry USA?

A girl's best friend, but mankind’s oldest art

Since the dawn of time, mankind has kept a fine art. Far before the invention of cloth, we clothed ourselves in skins and the fashion of the day was devised of bone and teeth that had carefully been crafted into bracelets and necklaces using ancient drilling techniques.

We later see a bright variety of colors with the use of sea shells and the beginning of a new era when mankind learned how to extract minerals from stone, forming the most intricate and beautiful jewelry from this craft.

In fact by the time we were able to domesticate animals about 4400 BC, we had already adopted a hefty taste for golden amulets (side note: when man discovered his best friend in the form of dogs, Pharaoh had himself a puppy and his wife, well his wife had her first piercing.)

From sea shells to a sterling silver charm bracelet

IIt would be somewhat frightening if a friend pitched up to Sunday lunch wearing a row of teeth around her neck or a colleague at the office came to the office meet wearing bones in her hair. Thankfully, fashion developed tremendously since the days of bones and teeth and rightly so, since we have had thousands of years to perfect it.

Over all those years, though, the reasoning behind jewelry stays the same, being the finest expression of personality and style. It is this taste that is uniquely displayed through the diverse array of choices we have available with Charming Charlie Jewelry USA.

What is your mood, what is your style?

Since before the invention of the wheel, ladies were faced with the decision of which necklace to wear with which sandals. You would think that the decision has become easier since the modernization of shoes but the truth is there are so many choices of Charming Charlie Jewelry USA that you will probably be late for work every day for the rest of your life.

No matter what color you wear or mood you bare, there is something to match out there.

From quirky and cute reindeer earrings for the days you might be feeling coy, to the sleek sterling silver charm bracelet when you just want to plain show off, you are guaranteed to always have a style to suit your mood no matter what clothes you wear or event you go to.

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